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"Seven Qualities of A Husband-Material"

Post on: March 9, 2021

It is every girl’s dream of marrying her Mr Right — a swashbuckler who sweeps her off her feet in his Lamborghini! This guy sounds more like a hottie whom we would find in Bollywood movies.

On a serious note, every girl looks for a guy who makes her feel loved. A guy who says it aloud and tells her how important she is in his life. This can make her feel valued, and this alone can make her surrender to him forever. How romantic! (Most girls are sentimental at heart).

Being loved and cherished by her man is a must for every girl It is a Nightmare to marry a guy who sees you as his commodity and nothing more — someone who does not respect you and treats you like his subordinate. Life would be such a misery!

Being financially sound, responsible and well natured are fundamental qualities which every girl looks for; furthermore, you may have other criteria like having common beliefs and values, educational qualifications comparable with yours etc. That’s your prerogative; in addition, you may want to consider these 7 qualities we bring you…

  1. Gives you utmost importance — Every marriage is about give-and-take. Both parties need to put in an effort for a marriage to work. If you’re the one who makes all the sacrifices, then something is amiss. A guy who does nothing to make the relationship work is not worth considering. A “husband material” treats you as equal and considers you when making decisions. Factoring you while making major decisions shows that he values you and wants to create a life with you.
  1. Does not cling onto you – You might say it’s flattering to know your guy clings onto you. But think! Do you want someone who suffocates you? Being clingy can also mean he is insecure or he does not trust you. A “husband material” involves you in his activities and at the same time, gives you your personal space.
  1. Loves family — If a guy hates your parents, then alarm bells should start ringing. Parents may be overbearing or unreasonable, but that does not mean we should sever ties with them. Every family has its squabbles; however, blood is thicker than water. Our differences can mend. And worse still, a guy who hates his parents can forsake you too if someone else comes into his life. A “husband material” loves family and makes sacrifices to accommodate his and your relatives in the name of family cohesiveness.
  1. Communicates with you – Communication is the bedrock that holds a marriage together. We tend to play it down; however, if it breaks down, the relationship will crumble. A “husband material” communicates effectively with you and makes you reciprocate seamlessly, without feeling restrained. Most problems can be solved if there is open and honest communication between spouses.
  1. Respects you — love is not easily angered. Violence has no place in a loving relationship. Violence need not be physical. It can be in the form of psychological, emotional, etc. Living with a violent guy can also mean he’s isolating you from your family and friends, undermining your self-esteem, indulging in constant put-downs or making unreasonable demands. A “husband material” exudes non-violence and respects you.
  1. He is trustworthy — Trust is another foundation in any marriage. With a “husband material”, you can be open and honest with him and feel confident he will not violate the sacred trust you have in him. Also, when he does what he says, and his words and actions are in sync, you know that he is the one.
  1. He knows how to make you laugh – We can attest to feeling rejuvenated after watching a light-hearted movie. We may be defeated by life’s struggles; however, watching a comedy so effortlessly lifts our sagging spirits. And what better way to carry life’s burdens — with a guy who can see the humour in everyday situations and laugh alongside you. Moreover, when things seem dire, a good “husband material” can lighten the mood and make the stressful moments more palatable.

Life is not a bed of roses even for those who have found their Mr Right– every relationship has its ups and downs. During arguments, you may feel exasperated with him. In such times, remember these 7 qualities. You would be overcome with a wave of love… just close your eyes and clasp your hands in prayer. Thank the Almighty that you’ve found a “husband material”.

By Shaji Thomas Varughese
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