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"Less is More"

Post on: September 11, 2021

Simplifying our life can be therapeutic – it presents a new viewpoint of life. “Simplicity” gives conflicting meanings — depending on who decodes it. To some, simplicity is splendour, purity and clarity whereas others may hold opposing views. To this group, it may mean inadequacy or a deficit to what is desired.

To each his own – for us at the Jolly Good Times, simplicity is the elimination of all non-essentials in life. Thus, enabling us to focus on what is important and meaningful.

 7 Ways to Simplifying your Life:

1. Steal a moment: During your travels, allow some time to wander and enjoy the scenery in a laidback fashion. Do not succumb to the jam-packed itinerary that spotlights landmarks, state of art buildings and attractions. Sometimes, it is the little discoveries like sipping tea in a run-of-the-mill cafe with the locals, are the moments that leave the most lasting impressions in your memory.

2. Unwind: Stress can overwhelm us: When tension builds up in our body, it can become toxic if we do not let it out. Do not be misguided that you have to soldier on stoically… and all alone. On the contrary, find a way to release tension. Add some “nature time” to your schedule. Go for a walk in the neighbourhood park. Connecting with nature can be deeply soothing. Watching the sunset can be a splendour of timeless perfection! Another way could be talking to someone rather than going deeper into a downward spiral alone. Share your problems with close friends or family members. Do not feel inhibited; someone may help you get out of the rut.

3. Evaluate your possessions: Assess the importance of your possessions. Examine if these objects add real value to your life or do they make it more complicated. The Pareto principle (80/20 rule) is a business principle suggesting that, for many events, 80% of the results come from 20% of the causes.

Applying this to your wardrobe, you probably wear 20% of what’s in your closet 80% of the time. If you have a wardrobe which is bursting with apparels, but you still gravitate towards wearing the same few outfits, then you can assuredly say Pareto principle is at play! Work gradually towards disposing of your non-essential possessions — tangible or intangible items. You will be thankful that you will have more time to spend with what matter most.

4. Live in the moment: Don’t let the past haunt you and fear of the future paralyze you. As the saying goes, “Regrets about yesterday and worry about tomorrow are two thieves which rob us of the moment.” Be grateful and learn to enjoy the moment. Instead of bemoaning what you would have become “if only”, use the present moment to build a stable foundation for your future. And instead of wallowing in self-pity with regrets, use the invaluable lessons of the past to be a stronger person, ensuring you won’t fall into the same pit of mistakes.

5. Fix it quick: You either buy a new set or repair the damaged objects as soon as possible. It is a human tendency to procrastinate. However, it is even more frustrating to realise that something doesn’t work when you need it most. I can testify to such a scenario. My refrigerator broke down. I was too lazy to arrange with the handyman to repair it. Two days later, I had unexpected visitors from my childhood estate. I was appalled as I could not even offer them a cool drink! They ended up sipping Nescafe in the sweltering heat! During such a situation does one wish he had fixed things quickly. It astounds me some people can even go on complaining about a broken item for months when they could have fixed it quickly and save those around them the agony of listening to uncalled grumbles.

6. Embrace silence: “Let silence take you to the core of life,” Rumi. In the modern humdrum life, our lives are teeming with activities and brains buzzing with thoughts every single moment. Noise has permeated every facet of our lives and we crave it when it’s absent. However, some research points that silence is essential to enhance our creativity, healthier well-being, and a deeper connection to mother nature. Be still… embrace silence.

7. Prioritise: Sometimes it feels like time is not enough – the whole world is crashing down with work piling up and family commitments which is never-ending. Having a To-Do-List may be helpful; however, it does not suffice. Learning to prioritise effectively can help you be more efficient as you take on the challenges head-on.

Simplify your lives rather than filling up every nook and corner of your homes with decorative ornaments or having a timetable brimming with programmes. Embrace a simplified life and you will find personal growth and satisfaction – less is more.

By Shaji Thomas Varughese

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