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"Secret to Success"

Post on: December 28, 2020

A bright young man had completed his studies on a scholarship and wanted to make himself worthy of his education and stellar grades. He felt that the world was his oyster and aspired to make a mark in his chosen field. So, he approached a wise man and asked him what the secret to success is. The wise man instructed him to meet him at the riverbank the next day.

The young man felt odd of being asked to meet at an unusual setting, nevertheless relented. A greater surprise awaited the youth when the wise man told him that they have to walk across the river for the answer. The youth felt something was amiss but decided to follow as commanded as the wise man was held in high esteem in the town. The youth did not dare question the wise man as he feared offending such an important person.

The wise man led the youth as they wadded through the river. They sauntered till he stopped at a point where the water covered the youth’s mouth. Without any warning, the wise man immersed the youth into the water.

The youth frantically struggled to get free but the man’s grip on the boy remained steadfast. The more he struggled, the firmer the wise man held on to his head into the river. In his tussle, he felt a big fish glide past his legs.  He squirmed to get away from the uncomfortable predicament.

Finally, the wise man let go of his grip as the youth sprang to safety. The young man was panting as he inhaled a deep breath of air. He was feeling exasperated with the wise man for endangering his life.  At this juncture, the wise man asked, “What did you want the most while you were underwater?”

“I was fighting to breathe – I wanted air,” the youth yelled.

The wise man calmly replied, “When you want to attain success as much as you wanted air when you were struggling underwater, you will achieve it. This is the secret to success.”

The Moral of the story:

Every accomplishment begins with the burning desire to achieve it. A faint flicker of fire will soon die off. Likewise, our motivation will diminish in thin air if it is weak. A strong flame is needed to achieve great feats. You have to keep the flame of motivation glowing.

The fish which swam past the youth was comfortable in its turf; however, the youth was under tremendous pressure for survival and felt uncomfortable. Likewise, every individual has his own familiarity and comfort zone. Every individual is different and unique in his own way.

You do not need to compare or emulate someone else in their pursuit to excellence. If you are willing to make sacrifices which others do not even think of and set your mind on a venture as if your whole life depends on it, you are on the right track.

“Some people dream of success; others wake up and achieve it.” Strive towards a lifestyle with a victorious mindset and follow it resolutely… success will follow.

By: Shaji Thomas Varughese

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