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"The Frog with an Indomitable Spirit"

Post on: November 27, 2023

A group of frogs were travelling to another region for greener pastures. It was a long and arduous trek. All of a sudden, the leader realised that two frogs were missing. When the group retraced their steps, they noticed two frogs had fallen into a pit.

Meanwhile, the “tumbled” frogs were relentless in their efforts to jump out of the pit. They jumped higher and higher in their every endeavour but it was to no avail. The pit was too deep and reaching the top seemed like something insurmountable.

“Just stop jumping and be resigned to your fate; it’s better to die than to go through such agony,” cried the other frogs. But the two frogs were desperate to live and carried on jumping.

Finally, one of the frogs realised the rest were right in their judgement. It became highly demoralised and gave up. And like a self-fulfilling prophecy, it died. However, the other frog was steadfast and resumed its jump. It leapt higher and higher at every attempt.

However, the group of frogs were not convinced. “Do you think you can make it? The pit is so deep and nobody has ever reached the top,” they opined. “Just accept your fate and die with dignity.”

The “tumbled” frog was not deterred. It jumped higher and higher and finally, with such herculean effort, it jumped to the highest level it ever did in its entire life and leapt to safety.

All the other frogs were astounded by its feat. “Wow, you did something out of the ordinary,” they chorused, “why didn’t you heed our advice and accept reality like your counterpart?”

It was soon established that the frog was deaf. It was in the view that the whole group of frogs were encouraging it and egging it to give its best shot!

The Moral of the story: Never underestimate the power of words which can impact our lives. Be mindful of what we accept – the so-called “well-intentioned” counsel we receive from friends can be detrimental to us if they are negative. Instead, embrace positive words which uplift us. And above all, be deaf like the frog in the story when people doubt your capabilities.

An anonymous quote succinctly says it all: “Words are powerful, they have the ability to create a moment and the strength to destroy it”.

The Jolly Good Times will be bringing you a series of such motivating stories. They are powerful read; easy to digest and leaves behind a message. If you enjoyed reading, share it — invite your kakis (buddies) to like us on our Facebook.

By: Shaji Thomas Varughese 

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