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"Acres of Diamond"

Post on: January 12, 2023

Once upon a time, there lived a man by the name of Adam in Africa. He was contented because he was a wealthy farmer. A wise man came to see him one day. The wise man’s intent was to educate Adam about the magnificence of diamonds and the prestige that accompanies them.

The wise man said: “If you own a diamond the size of our thumb, you could buy ten farms. And if you own a diamond the size of your hand you could buy your own city. Many have gone in search of diamonds….” The wise man left after sowing the seed of greed. For the first time in his life, Adam could not sleep. That night, he went to bed feeling poor and discontented.

He resolved to go diamond prospecting. The following week, he sold off his farm. With the money, he gave some to his family for their upkeep and took the rest in search of diamonds. He began his search all over Africa but couldn’t find any diamonds. He then advanced his search all over Europe but it was in vain. When he finally reached Spain, he was so emotionally and financially bankrupt. He felt so distraught that he jumped into a river and committed suicide.

Back on his farm, the new owner was feeding the camels. There was a stream running through the farm. And he noticed a stone sparkle like a rainbow when the rays of the sun hit it. It was a beautiful sight.

He took it home as he thought it would look good on the mantlepiece. He placed it prominently in the living room as a decorative ornament.

The wise man came for a visit and saw the stone sparkle. He asked: “Is Adam back?” The new owner was puzzled, “Why do you ask about Adam?”

The wise man answered, “That is the diamond Adam went in search of.” The new owner laughed, “It’s just a stone I picked from the stream on my farm. There are plenty of them — let me show you.”

At the wise man’s insistence, they picked some and sent them for analysis. True enough, the stones were diamonds. The whole farm was indeed covered with acres of diamonds!

Moral of the story:

  • We are walking on Acres of diamonds — this truth will dawn upon us when our Attitude is right. We don’t have to go searching for opportunities elsewhere — it is just under our feet. We need to recognise it.
  • The grass looks greener on the other side. However, before you set your eyes on the greener pasture, make sure yours is not as luxuriant. It could be a futile attempt to search for greener pastures when your grass is more fertile!
  • While we eye the grass on the other side, there are others who eye the grass on our side. And they would gladly trade places with us.

It is always heartwarming to read motivating stories which uplift us. We may not be able to vouch for the story’s authenticity — but this is not important. What matters is that they capture our hearts, set us thinking and create a desire within us to act positively.

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By Shaji Thomas Varughese

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