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"You May be Damaged, but Still, Have Value"

Post on: October 6, 2022

The audience was excited as the renowned speaker walked towards the rostrum. They had braved the chilly winter to see him and to attend a seminar on self-worth.

“Let me begin with a simple experiment,” the speaker announced as soon as he took the stage. He swiftly took out a $20 note from the pocket of his jacket.

“Who among you would like to have this?” he questioned. Everyone raised their hands instantly.

A boisterous man joked, “I am the first to raise; it’s rightfully mine.”

“I hear you,” the speaker said. “I am not going to give this note to any of you so easily. Let me resume my experiment.”

He then crumpled the note and looked at the audience. “Now who would like to have this crumpled $20 note?”

All hands went up quickly. The audience was animated; everyone was keen to gain his attention and be the first one to get hold of the twenty-dollar bill.

“Hold your horses,” the speaker said. “I am not done yet.”

With this, the speaker dropped the $20 note onto the floor and stomped the crumpled note with his shoes. He then picked it up with a twinkle in his eyes. “Now, does anyone still wants this note,” he teased.

Expectedly, everyone raised their hands without batting an eyelid. “Of course, we want,” the audience chorused in unison.

The speaker looked at the crowd intently and said, “My dear friends, I anticipated this response – despite the twenty-dollar note being crumpled and damaged, all of you still want it. The twenty-dollar note did not diminish in importance just because I did all the unpleasant things to it. You still want it because it has a value attached to it.

“This can be likened to our lives. Many a time, life halts us to a grind. We make wrong decisions and our once remarkable circumstances change drastically – the struggles of life consume us. And some of us even long for our illustrious past and wallow in self-pity given our current predicament.”

“Life may crumble you, throw you to the ground, step on you and smear you with dirt – but you still have your value” the esteemed speaker asserted.

One of the saddest tragedies of life is when I hear people giving up their power, thinking that they have exhausted all avenues. But this should not be the case. Remember one thing – no matter what has happened to your past and what will happen to your future, you will never lose your value. You are special.

By Shaji Thomas Varughese

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