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"The Donkey That Never Gave Up"

Post on: October 12, 2018

It is always heartwarming to read motivating stories which uplift us. We may not be able to vouch for the story’s authenticity, or it could be a fable. But this is not essential. What matters is that they capture our hearts, set us thinking and create a desire within us to act positively. A lesson can be learnt from the success or misfortune the story brings…

A farmer’s donkey fell into a well. In its state of anguish, it brayed hysterically. The farmer was concerned and came running to its aid. However, he realised that it would be a futile attempt as the well was too deep and treacherous for any rescue operation.

He also rationalised, “The donkey is too frail to be of real help to me; furthermore, due to its advanced age, it may pass on anytime soon.” So, he decided that the best course of action under the circumstances is to bury the donkey in the well.

The farmer informed his neighbours about the predicament and seek their help in covering up the well. Soon, all of them got down to work – they grabbed their spades and began to shovel soil into the well.

The donkey realised what was happening and began to wail incessantly; however, the farmer and his neighbours did not budge. They resume their task trying not to be emotionally swayed by its cry for help.

After a while, they were surprised that the donkey had quietened down. Thinking that it was resigned to its fate, they took a peep. To their astonishment, they could not believe their eyes. It was getting higher and higher as they toiled. With every shovel of soil that hit its back, the donkey shook it off and stood on top of it.

The farmer and his friends resume their work and very soon to everyone’s amazement, the donkey stepped over the edge of the well. It had finally reached safe ground through its true grit!

Moral: During your lifetime, a lot of dirt will be heaped upon you. The way to outmanoeuvre it– whenever filth falls on you, free yourself and climb on top of it!

Do not succumb to misfortunes of life and resign yourself to it; every adversity in life can be turned into a stepping stone. Shake the “dirt” off and take a step up—soon you will get out of any “deepest well” that you fall into. Never Give Up!

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