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"Humour With Nicknames"

Post on: July 25, 2018

Using nicknames on others can be uncouth but they have a means of getting a point across — sometimes socially acceptable with lots of chuckles accompanying them. Adults tend to give nicknames to their friends not realising that their children pick it up with the same fervour as what the nicknames were meant to represent. And being kids, they assume it’s the real name or even worse, as a “salutation” bestowed unto the person.

I’ll narrate a true-life incident where a couple addressed their mutual friend with the nickname “Cross-eyed” since his eyes turned inwards towards the nose. However, as in most nicknames, this was uttered behind his back. One day they spotted “Cross-eyed” cycling past them. They very much wanted to relay a message to him. The era was the 70s where the mobile phone wasn’t available in their kampong (village), let alone a telephone set.

They frantically asked their 7-year-old son to chase after “Uncle”. The impressionable boy ran after the bicycle shouting, “Cross-eyed Uncle, Cross-eyed Uncle… Wait!” I need not conclude the story.

Whenever this incident is recapitulated, it never fails to have us all in stitches. It was especially hilarious listening to the episode narrated in one’s mother tongue with cultural resonance added to the expression.

Here are some hilarious nicknames to tickle your funny bones…
1. They call him Arch — he always needs support.
2. They call him Archaeologist — his career lies in ruins.
3. They call him Aviator — he’s a real high-flyer.
4. They call him Banana — he’s always getting skinned.
5. They call him Blacksmith — he Shoos his daughter’s boyfriends out of the house.
6. They call him Bowler — he builds himself up by knocking everyone down.
7. They call him Brown Sugar — he is so sweet and unrefined.
8. They call him Chocolate Bar — he’s half nuts.
9. They call him Dentist — he Bores everyone to tears.
10. They call him Dictionary — he always has the last word.
11. They call her Easter Egg — she’s painted on the outside and hard-boiled inside.
12. They call him Elevator Operator — he’s always running people down.
13. They call him Football — Everyone kicks him around.
14. They call him Harpist — he pulls strings to get ahead.
15. They call him Jigsaw — When faced with a problem, he goes to pieces.
16. They call him Masseur — he’s always rubbing it in.
17. They call him Microscope — he magnifies everything.
18. They call him Optician — two glasses of wine and he makes a spectacle of himself.
19. They call him Parole — he interrupts you in the middle of a sentence.
20. They call him Tonsillitis — he’s a pain the neck.

Let’s laugh in merriment, however not at someone’s expense. Nobody would want to be in the unfortunate situation as “Uncle Cross-eyed”.

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