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"How to Pronounce Like a Pro (Vol 3)"

Post on: February 19, 2021

The reason why a person wants to pronounce correctly varies. Some would want to sound like the native speakers of the language while others find it embarrassing mispronouncing words especially while giving a speech or in a social setting. Whatever the reason may be, the desire for improving yourself is commendable.

A bartender friend recounted this incident to me — let’s call him Jim. A stunning lady patronised the pub he was working at.

Jim fondly recalled: “I strained my neck to catch the statuesque figure from a distance. She stood out amongst the party-goers. She exuded confidence as she mingled. It was about her clothing, her make-up and the way she caressed her hair. I felt the most beautiful celestial being was gracing the very hallowed ground where I stood … I was bowled over.”

Jim beamed, “Her smile radiated warmth — I could see all the guys stealing glances while the ladies were catching glimpses of her enviously. My heart skipped a beat as she walked towards me and ordered: ‘Can I have a Moh-Jee-Too, please?”’

Jim grimaced, “I wished she had not spoken.”

For those who are wondering what am I talking about — the cocktail “Mojito” is pronounced as “Moh-hee toh”. Really?

“Yes!” Well, sometimes it’s good to know the correct pronunciation of everyday words which we tend to take for granted. I’ve compiled a few common ones:

  1. Mischievous — mis-chu-vuhs
  2. Jewellery – jool-ree
  3. Often – aw-fuhn
  4. Niche — neesh
  5. Forte – fawr-tey
  6. Cache — kash
  7. Nuptial – nuhp-shuhl
  8. Tenet – ten-it
  9. Comptroller – Kuhn-troh-ler
  10. Hyperbole – hahy-pur-buh-lee
  11. Prestigious – pre-stee-juhs
  12. Quay- kee
  13. Picture – pik-cher
  14. Suite — sweet

“Suite” is pronounced similar to sweet. Some observers have highlighted that people commonly mispronounce it as suit. A tongue-in-cheek analogy — Jerry walked into a 5 -star hotel and articulated, “Can I have a Suit?” The bewildered front-line manager looked at him. Thinking that Jerry had walked into the wrong building, he gesticulated that the tailor is in the next complex where he can make himself a suit.

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By Shaji Thomas Varughese
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