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"Impressive Words to Use in Everyday Conversation"

Post on: January 2, 2024

There is a correlation between increasing your vocabulary and the ability to communicate more effectively with the world around you, subtly opening up your perspectives and ways of interaction.

In our daily lives, we may have come across terms which are good to know but would have overlooked as we are bombarded with “infobesity” or information overload as we meander through this Information Age.

Whether you need to ace the presentation, give a wedding toast, impress a client, or astound a date, a quick browse through our “Good to Know” series may just “Save the Day” and liken you to a repository of information. Here’s some of the list:


  1. Bourgeois– A person belonging to the middle class, especially in espousing morality and conventional middle-class materialistic values. (His privileged bourgeois family insisted that he pursue a good education). 
  2. Sycophant– A person who attempts to gain an advantage by flattering influential people or behaving in a submissive way. (The self-made billionaire is surrounded by sycophants).
  3. Ubiquitous– Seeming to be everywhere at the same time. (In our present age, the ubiquitous mobile phone has penetrated every nook and cranny of the world).
  4. Carte blanche– Unrestricted power to act on one’s own discretion; unconditional authority. (The editor has given the young journalist carte blanche to cover the court proceedings).
  5. Quintessential– Representing the most typical example of its kind. (The hamburger can be considered as the quintessential American meal).
  6. Harbinger– a person or thing that announces what is to come; a forerunner. (The dark clouds were the harbinger of an approaching storm).
  7. Obfuscate– to deliberately make something less clear; to confuse someone. (The lawyer was criticized for using arguments that obfuscated the main issue).
  8. Quid pro quo– A favour granted in return for something. (The fisherman gave him a silver carp as a quid pro quo for carrying his weighty basket).
  9. Fastidious– Giving careful attention to detail; wanting everything to be perfect. (She is very fastidious about how the clothes should be folded).
  10. Carpe Diem— Make the most of present opportunities. (Those who live their lives to their utmost potential trust in carpe diem, not letting anything stop them from achieving what they want).

Detractors tell me, “Aiyah! Such terms are nothing but a piece of cake! We’ve known them since our secondary school days! They aren’t extraordinary but well-documented terms.” Well, congratulations… Such is the power of the internet and the millennials are barraged with such terms from an early age.

However, to others, these words may not be heard on a regular basis. They never fail to tickle the ear and amuse the mind. If you enjoyed reading, share it — invite your kakis (buddies) to like us on our Facebook and website.

By: Shaji Thomas Varughese 

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