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"Choose Your Words Carefully (Moral Story)"

Post on: November 1, 2018

There once lived a grumpy man, Brian who felt he could get away with whatever he did. Being obnoxious, he quarrelled with everyone as he went about doing his daily activities.

One day, he argued with his neighbour, Jerry. Jerry’s dog had aggressively barked at him when he took it for an evening stroll. Although no damage was inflicted, Jerry apologised profusely and assured Brian that his dog was leashed. To appease Brian, Jerry even muzzled his dog thereafter. However, Brian was not satisfied as he felt slighted. He decided to get even with Jerry.

Brian began spreading rumours that Jerry was a thief who had attempted to burgle his house when nobody was around. “Although Jerry did not succeed as my locks are foolproof, he is still a thief,” Brian accusingly vociferated.

Jerry was arrested and a case registered. However, the investigation did not prove conclusive and there was nothing incriminating against him. As a result, he was released. Jerry was a free man; however, the damage has already been done — he felt humiliated for the allegation heaped on him. The neighbours looked at him with distrust and began murmuring whenever he walked past them.

Jerry wanted to clear his name and hence sued Brian for wrongfully defaming him. Brian was flabbergasted. He explained to the judge, “My words are just my own opinions — don’t I have the right to utter such mere words? After all, it’s my words and it’s my basic right to say so.”

The judge contemplated Brian’s defence and said, “Write down what you have said about Jerry on a piece of paper and cut them into small pieces. On your way home, throw them away piece by piece as you walk. I will give my judgement tomorrow.”

The following day, everyone was waiting expectantly for the verdict. The judge said to Brian, “Before I pronounce my judgement, I want you to retrieve the pieces of paper which you had uttered insults about Jerry.”

Brian was confounded. “How can I do that, your honour? The gust of wind would have flown them all around the countryside.”

The wise judge replied, “Likewise, the words you uttered on innocent Jerry would have spread like wildfire. The damage has far-reaching consequences – his good name has been tarnished and society looks at him with disdain.”

Brian realised his folly. He hung his head in utter shame! He sought forgiveness and promised not to malign a person but to speak words which will uplift another man henceforth.

The moral of the story is simple yet profound. An anonymous quotation so succinctly puts in, “Words are powerful, they have the ability to create a moment and the strength to destroy it.” The next time, before you speak ill of a person, bear in mind that it can ruin a person; consider the aftermaths of your words before you spit them out.

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