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"Jolly Good “Happy Days” Times"

Post on: December 21, 2017

Mention Happy Days and faces light up. I don’t mean the faces of sweet babes but that of middle-aged men. This sitcom evokes lots of memories. In an era where TV time was limited, families religiously waited in anticipation for the airing. It was broadcasted in the late 70s and early 80s. And many still feel it’s one of the best sitcoms ever.

What was “Happy Days” about
In a nutshell, it was an American sitcom which showcased the idealised vision of life in the 50s and 60s. It was a series about the Cunningham family. Howard, the affable head of the family ran a hardware store — his wife Marion, and lovable children, Richie and Joanie supplemented the characters in the situation comedy.

The series revolved mainly around Richie, a high school student and his two friends, Potsie and Ralph. And not forgetting the star of the show, “Fonzie” whom Richie looked up to and confided in. He was a cool, bad boy whom the Cunninghams treated as one of their own.

Why it’s still remembered so fondly
Arthur Fonzarelli or “Fonzie”
He epitomised style with his trademark leather jacket — he wore it with finesse which is unrivalled even to this day. More commonly known as “the Fonz” or “Fonzie”, he was the Real Mccoy. I have never seen another smooth operator like him! The way he rode his bike and his clicking of fingers to fix things was a real joy to watch. He spent his days fixing automobiles and dating girls, perhaps the coolest dude to grace the TV screen.

The Theme Song
The Happy Days theme song was so catchy and infectious … It was spontaneous. Yeah! it makes you jump off your feet and dance. The song resonated amongst the masses and deeply overwhelmed our senses. One can never get tired of the song.

Arnold’s Drive-In
This is the local restaurant where the gang hung out most. The jukebox set the mood for the backdrop. And Fonzie “Choped” the men’s toilet as his own office — a place where Richie and his friends sought his advice. With a stupefying “Fonze punch” on the jukebox, music blared … In the late 70s watching it was like “a view through rose-tinted glasses” — it evoked such a “happy go lucky” feel.

Richie Cunningham
Mention Richie and aunties would start nodding in approval. He was exactly opposite Fonzie. A very neat and endearing character whom every mom would love their daughters to date. However, he had little luck with girls. He was a goody-two-shoes guy who, together with his bumbling chums — Potsie and Ralph, comically got into trouble.

Happy Days and particularly Fonzie created waves and had a huge impact on popular culture. It became one of the biggest hit in television history and heavily influenced the television style of its generation. And Fonzie was touted as one of the most merchandised characters of the 70s.

The Jolly Good Times hopes you’ve enjoyed the walk down memory lane alongside “The Fonze” and Happy Days.

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