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Don’t Judge

May 1, 2020

There once lived a blind man named Jeremiah in a small town by the sea. He was well-liked and was fiercely independent. He sold souvenirs by a beachside hut which was flocked by tourists. Holidaymakers came in droves to experience the splendour of the breath-taking scenery the town offered. Every day Jeremiah would start work […]

Thinking Out of the Box

February 19, 2020

In a village, there lived a wealthy businessman, Roy who was altruistic and loved by the villagers. Lately, Roy made some bad deals at the advice of his friends compounded by the unfavourable economic conditions. This resulted in much loss and in order to stay afloat, he had to borrow money from the village moneylender. […]

Focus on the Good Things in Life

February 4, 2020

Tom and James were best of friends and were trudging through a desert. They both were employed as trekking guides. After completing their studies, their love for the outdoor landed them in their dream job. They were on a mission to recce the terrain for a forthcoming expedition their adventure club was organising. While walking, […]

Opportunities in Obstacles

December 2, 2019

There once lived a king who had a habit of being curious over everything. One day, he wondered if his subjects would care about the well being of their fellow citizens. So, he approached his advisor for an answer. The wise counsellor said, “As in everything in life, there are good and bad which permeates […]

Chasing Happiness At The Wrong Places

October 31, 2019

There once lived a grumpy old man in a village. He was the epitome of a quintessential complainer. Anything under the sun did not escape his scathing remark. The villagers kept away from him as being in his midst was physically and mentally draining. As the years went by, he became grumpier and he was […]

Lesson From The Shark and Its Bait

October 7, 2019

A researcher wanted to ascertain certain facts. So, he conducted an experiment where he put a shark into a huge tank. He followed this step by adding various species of fishes into the tank as its bait. The ferocious shark attacked the fishes without batting an eyelid and had a wholesome meal. The researcher then […]

The Carpenter

August 7, 2019

Once there lived a carpenter, Jerry who had made a name for building the best houses in his town. His work was close to perfection which won him many accolades to the disdain of his competitors. One day Jerry decided to call it a day. He was reaching 55 years old and felt it was […]

Can You Sleep When The Wind Blows

July 29, 2019

Years ago, there was a farmer, Jack who owned a land along the coastal region of a village. He had difficulty finding workers as nobody wanted to work on a farm where the storms were prevalent. It was a well-known fact that the storms would wreak havoc – causing damage to the barns and livestock. […]

Lessons from the Elephant and the Rope

June 28, 2019

A man was passing by an elephant camp. He was enchanted by the majesty of the gigantic animal. Suddenly something caught his eye. He noticed that each of the elephants was tied to a rope. This confounded him as they were neither caged nor held back by thick chains — but a mere rope! He […]

The Frog Story

May 24, 2019

A group of frogs were travelling to another region for greener pastures. It was a long and arduous trek. All of a sudden, the leader realised that two frogs were missing. When the group retraced their steps, they noticed two frogs had fallen into a pit. Meanwhile, the “tumbled” frogs were relentless in their efforts […]