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The Person Holding You Back

April 13, 2023

Richard was the CEO of an established company; he had the moniker of a hard taskmaster. His subordinates hated him for his discipline and high expectation of them. He always corrected his employees’ mistakes and reiterated their lackadaisical attitude toward work.  The staff on the other hand, labelled him as a difficult boss. They perceived […]

Persistence – Turn your Defeats into Victories

February 2, 2023

How do you define persistence? I would say people who are persistent continue to complete the task they undertook in a determined way despite the difficulty and opposition. In a nutshell, they never give up or waver from their purpose. One of life’s tragedies is that many aspirants who were resolved in their pursuit gave […]

You May be Damaged, but Still, Have Value

October 6, 2022

The audience was excited as the renowned speaker walked towards the rostrum. They had braved the chilly winter to see him and to attend a seminar on self-worth. “Let me begin with a simple experiment,” the speaker announced as soon as he took the stage. He swiftly took out a $20 note from the pocket […]

The Donkey That Never Gave Up

May 4, 2022

A farmer’s donkey fell into a well. In its state of anguish, it brayed hysterically. The farmer was concerned and came running to its aid. However, he realised that it would be a futile attempt as the well was too deep and treacherous for any rescue operation. He also rationalised, “The donkey is too frail […]

A Little Boy’s Ingenuity

December 22, 2021

A little boy walked into a convenience store. With a look of confidence, he carried a wooden carton over to the telephone which was attached to the wall. It was beyond his reach. He excitedly climbed onto the carton. As soon as he could reach the phone, he dialled a number. The store owner was […]

Finding Happiness in a Balloon

November 19, 2021

A group of people enrolled in a self-enrichment course to find happiness in life. Does it sound odd that one has to enrol in a course to achieve happiness? However, they are not the only ones with such pursuance. All of us are searching for happiness in one way or another – undoubtedly, it is […]

Dream Big

January 13, 2020

Children are big dreamers – they envision themselves as doctors, scientists and astronauts without feeling any inhibitions. I remember asking a colleague’s daughter what she aspired to be. Without batting an eyelid, she said: “I want to be the president when I grow up.” Wow, I was impressed by her guts and I wonder if […]

Interesting Facts about J K Rowling

November 11, 2019

It is indeed rare to know of someone who has not heard of the Harry Potter series and J K Rowling. Her fame seems to have reached out to the uttermost part of the earth and all and sundry. With such adulation, one may assume stardom being thrust upon her from the very beginning. But […]

Manny Pacquiao – Story of Hope, Resilience and Indomitable Spirit

February 8, 2019

When he fights, time stands still. Even the confrontation between the warring factions grinds to a halt. And the burgeoning crime rate drops to half or some reckon it’s virtually zero – just to watch him in action! Yeah, only one person can galvanise the nation – Manny Pacquiao! (affectionately known as Pacman). The whole […]


August 18, 2018

It is always heartwarming to read motivating stories which uplift us. We may not be able to vouch for the story’s authenticity. But it is not important. What matters is that they capture our hearts, set us thinking and create a desire within us to act positively. A lesson can be learnt from the success […]