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Public Speaking Tips

July 24, 2023

You are supposed to do a presentation for your organisation’s Silver Jubilee anniversary. You walked on stage confidently but felt jittery upon seeing the anticipative crowd. A sinking feeling that your speech will end up horrendously, sets in. You are not alone in feeling this way. In a survey conducted years ago, it was established […]

Music in Our Lives

August 21, 2022

“Close your eyes, give me your hand, darling; Do you feel my heart beating; Do you understand? Do you feel the same; Am I only dreaming; Is this burning an eternal flame?” The year was 1988 and we were recruits going through the basic military training. We had just completed our combat drill and were […]

Choose Your Words Carefully (Moral Story)

May 30, 2021

There once lived a grumpy man, Tom, who felt he could get away with whatever he did. Being obnoxious, he quarrelled with everyone as he went about his daily activities. One day, he argued with his neighbour, Jerry over a trivial incident. Jerry’s dog had aggressively barked at him when he went for an evening […]

Eight Things You Should Observe In A Gym

March 22, 2021

A gym membership used to be exclusively for the “Atas” (rich and snobbish). But not anymore –there is no dearth of gymnasium. They have sprouted throughout our Lion City and have become affordable to the common man. We are spoilt for choice and can even find a 24-hour gym in the heartland. Not surprisingly, many […]

Confessions of an Insurance Agent

September 4, 2020

You can win! The world is at your feet – Rise and be counted. A sense of euphoria erupted as *Raymond watched the presentation. He had just completed his tenure of a  7-year contract with a uniformed group when he chanced upon an advertisement. This led to attending the insurance recruitment talk. “You determine your […]

Hawker Centres — A way of Life

March 10, 2020

We all swear by the hawker centres. The humble eating place binds all races — the Chinese, Malays, Indian and Eurasians together. It’s no secret that one of our favourite pastimes is satisfying our gastronomical cravings. We need not sweat the small stuff and go searching for it to satiate our desires. The ubiquitous hawker […]

Smartphones and You – Who call the shots?

January 25, 2019

How has the smartphone penetrated our lives? A friend related that whenever guests visit him, he usually serves them tea with samosas, “The adults never fail to compliment the mouth-watering samosas with the generous filling of spicy potatoes while the children would be insatiable. The kids would only be content after I serve them the […]

The ‘Chope’ Culture

November 23, 2018

  A phenomenon which baffles the tourist; however, the locals do not even bat an eyelid! Yes, I am talking about the “chope” culture in Singapore. Chope means “to reserve seats” — in a hawker centre or food court taken in this context. The locals are used to it although divided about such an act. Some […]

Army Days Vol. 2

August 23, 2018

Every 18-year old male goes through this rite of passage. It’s a transformation where boys become men. Yeah, I am talking about National Service where one has to soldier on for two years before he embarks on his tertiary education or working career. It is a real wonder how the army can transform a “fresh-out-of-school” […]

Teck Whye… Taste of a ‘la Mondrian

May 17, 2018

The HDB blocks in Teck Whye Avenue is creating waves…. an ordinary estate has become the talk of the town and the pride of the residents overnight! The Housing and Development Board (HDB) was established in the 60s to provide public housing for the growing population. It has evolved since its inception whereby those dwelling […]