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Animal-themed Idiomatic Phrases

November 26, 2020

Idioms are great fun to toy with. They are a type of phrases which uses figurative language whereby the words may not mean anything concerning the phrase. It’s a bizarre way to communicate — illogical and yet so effective! As students, it was common to add an idiomatic phrase into our composition to embellish it […]

A Walk Down Memory Lane — Badminton Craze

November 13, 2020

I grew up in Redhill estate in Singapore where gotong royong (cooperation within the community) was the order of the day. Doors opened in the morning were left ajar till bedtime.  There was a sense of belonging amongst the neighbours – we could just walk into one another’s home, unannounced. A constant buzz of interaction […]

Basic Etiquette Rules to Carry with Us

November 4, 2020

What is etiquette? It is not just about how appropriately you hold your wine glass during fine-dining. It encompasses far more — it is how you behave in a responsible and socially acceptable manner. It is about showing respect for others and to oneself. Talking about etiquette and good manners, Maya Angelou unmistakably stated: “I’ve […]

5 Commonly Used and Yet Obscure Terms

October 22, 2020

In our daily lives, we may have come across terms which are good to know, but we might have overlooked them as we are bombarded with “infobesity” or information overload. Then again, some of these terms may be worth knowing as it gives a feeling of empowerment in our daily activities; e.g. while meeting our […]

Regrets You Do Not Want To Wallow 10 Years From Today

October 12, 2020

“If only” — these must be the two saddest words in the world. And as the saying goes, “Regrets about yesterday and worries about tomorrow are two thieves that rob us of the moment”. Let us live the moment — do meaningful things now so that we don’t fall into the “regrets” entrapment. I have […]

Nostalgia — An Unforgettable Barbeque Party

October 2, 2020

The year was 1986; we were a bunch of teens growing up in Redhill estate in Singapore. We were feeling on top of the world since the school holidays had just begun. *Richard was a youth leader in the club we attended. Being older and responsible, he earned our respect for his leadership qualities and […]

Inspirational Story — Chris Gardner

September 21, 2020

Who would have thought that a homeless man would one day have a Hollywood movie made after him? Yes, in his darkest moments, Chris Gardner and his son had to find refuge in a bathroom at a railway station, in church shelters, park benches or anywhere they could find protection from the elements. Gardner did […]

Confessions of an Insurance Agent

September 4, 2020

You can win! The world is at your feet – Rise and be counted. A sense of euphoria erupted as *Raymond watched the presentation. He had just completed his tenure of a  7-year contract with a uniformed group when he chanced upon an advertisement. This led to attending the insurance recruitment talk. “You determine your […]

A Walk Down Memory Lane… Saving Ten-Cents

August 24, 2020

In the ‘70s, I was enrolled in a vibrant primary school situated at Jalan Bukit Merah in Singapore. A school which could not boast of the trappings of opulence but produced outstanding students, both academically and in the sporting arena. The journey from my Redhill estate to school included a two kilometres walk followed by […]

The Person Holding You Back

August 17, 2020

Richard was the CEO of an established MNC; he had the moniker of a hard taskmaster. His subordinates hated him for his discipline and high expectation from them. He always corrected his employees’ mistakes and reiterated their lackadaisical attitude toward work.  The staff, on the other hand, labelled him as a difficult boss. They perceived […]