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Walk Down Memory Lane… An Unforgettable Test

February 26, 2020

The year was 1984. We were feeling anxious in view of the accounting test which was about to take place in my Secondary Three classroom. The teacher, Mr *Loke walked in with the test papers and a look of self-importance. Mr Loke was a no-nonsensical teacher who kept a distance from the students with his […]

Thinking Out of the Box

February 19, 2020

In a village, there lived a wealthy businessman, Roy who was altruistic and loved by the villagers. Lately, Roy made some bad deals at the advice of his friends compounded by the unfavourable economic conditions. This resulted in much loss and in order to stay afloat, he had to borrow money from the village moneylender. […]

Focus on the Good Things in Life

February 4, 2020

Tom and James were best of friends and were trudging through a desert. They both were employed as trekking guides. After completing their studies, their love for the outdoor landed them in their dream job. They were on a mission to recce the terrain for a forthcoming expedition their adventure club was organising. While walking, […]

How Soccer was Played During My Childhood (the ‘70s & ‘80s)

January 23, 2020

In Redhill estate where I grew up during the ‘70s and ‘80s, soccer was the most popular pastime amongst the kids — where friendship was forged and lost in the hallowed ground. We were so obsessed with the game that we would somehow sneak our way to the basketball court for our daily routine. Homework, […]

Dream Big

January 13, 2020

Children are big dreamers – they envision themselves as doctors, scientists and astronauts without feeling any inhibitions. I remember asking a colleague’s daughter what she aspired to be. Without batting an eyelid, she said: “I want to be the president when I grow up.” Wow, I was impressed by her guts and I wonder if […]

Interesting Facts about Cristiano Ronaldo

January 2, 2020

The name Ronaldo is synonymous with soccer and is known to all and sundry. Likewise, the Ballon d’Or is the most enviable trophy for any football player. When the word is mentioned, the pronunciation oftentimes slips but it unmistakably points to soccer greats like Messi and Ronaldo. Most commentators consider Ronaldo to be the all-time […]

Music in Our Lives

December 13, 2019

“Close your eyes, give me your hand, darling; Do you feel my heart beating; Do you understand? Do you feel the same; Am I only dreaming; Is this burning an eternal flame?” It was 1988 and we were recruits going through the basic military training. We had just completed our combat drill and were drenched […]

Opportunities in Obstacles

December 2, 2019

There once lived a king who had a habit of being curious over everything. One day, he wondered if his subjects would care about the well being of their fellow citizens. So, he approached his advisor for an answer. The wise counsellor said, “As in everything in life, there are good and bad which permeates […]

Tickle Someone’s Funny Bone

November 21, 2019

There are numerous benefits of laughter; however, we tend to practice self-restraint. We can attest to laughing our heads off as children and being miserly with laughter as we advance through age. Strangely, we’ve diminished our laughter when it should be the opposite since greater happiness is found through laughter. Jokes so effortlessly enable us […]

Interesting Facts about J K Rowling

November 11, 2019

It is indeed rare to know of someone who has not heard of the Harry Potter series and J K Rowling. Her fame seems to have reached out to the uttermost part of the earth and all and sundry. With such adulation, one may assume stardom being thrust upon her from the very beginning. But […]