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Sylvester Stallone… Eye of the Tiger

May 2, 2021

“We are stronger when we are given love; when we put emotions on the line; know that we are the timeless ones.” The lyrics of “Meet Me Halfway” resonated on air. It rekindled great nostalgia as I was teleported back to the ’80s. Sylvester Stallone has the knack for making the ordinary into something spectacular. […]

Change Your Vision

April 19, 2021

There once lived a wealthy merchant who owned a resort in the touristy town. He had enough of worldly possession but lived with constant pain. He suffered from a severe eye ailment which caused him much pain and discomfort. He consulted the best physicians but it was to no avail. Finally, he was recommended a […]

Education Does Not Always Mean Good Judgement

April 1, 2021

Leonard owned a push-cart stall by the roadside where he sold “Leo’s Burger”. As he was illiterate, he did not read the newspaper. He also did not listen to the radio as he was hard of hearing. And when his eyes became weak, he stopped watching television as well. Leonard’s life revolved around his stall; […]

Eight Things You Should Observe In A Gym

March 22, 2021

A gym membership used to be exclusively for the “Atas” (rich and snobbish). But not anymore –there is no dearth of gymnasium. They have sprouted throughout our Lion City and have become affordable to the common man. We are spoilt for choice and can even find a 24-hour gym in the heartland. Not surprisingly, many […]

Seven Qualities of A Husband-Material

March 9, 2021

It is every girl’s dream of marrying her Mr Right — a swashbuckler who sweeps her off her feet in his Lamborghini! This guy sounds more like a hottie whom we would find in Bollywood movies. On a serious note, every girl looks for a guy who makes her feel loved. A guy who says […]

How to Pronounce Like a Pro (Vol 3)

February 19, 2021

The reason why a person wants to pronounce correctly varies. Some would want to sound like the native speakers of the language while others find it embarrassing mispronouncing words especially while giving a speech or in a social setting. Whatever the reason may be, the desire for improving yourself is commendable. A bartender friend recounted […]

Flower & Plants Themed Idioms

January 30, 2021

Idioms are great fun to toy with. They are a type of phrases which use figurative language whereby the words may not mean anything concerning the phrase. It’s a bizarre way to communicate — illogical and yet so effective! As students, it was common to add an idiomatic phrase into our composition to embellish it […]

Don’t Jump into Conclusion

January 15, 2021

“Dad, the trees are moving behind us!” cried the 20-year-old youth. The father smiled at his son and patted him on the shoulder. The duo were travelling on a train. A group of executives sitting opposite them looked at the youth with pity and felt sorry for the youth’s childish behaviour. Suddenly, the young man […]

Childhood Hobbies and Nostalgias

January 6, 2021

The year was 1984; I was a fifteen-year-old student enrolled in my neighbourhood school in Redhill estate. It was a school renowned for its sporting prowess and ruggedness. We were absorbed by the sweeping football craze – my group of friends and I virtually breathe football. After school, we would play soccer and spend most […]