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Opportunities in Obstacles

December 2, 2019

There once lived a king who had a habit of being curious over everything. One day, he wondered if his subjects would care about the well being of their fellow citizens. So, he approached his advisor for an answer. The wise counsellor said, “As in everything in life, there are good and bad which permeates […]

Tickle Someone’s Funny Bone

November 21, 2019

There are numerous benefits of laughter; however, we tend to practice self-restraint. We can attest to laughing our heads off as children and being miserly with laughter as we advance through age. Strangely, we’ve diminished our laughter when it should be the opposite since greater happiness is found through laughter. Jokes so effortlessly enable us […]

Interesting Facts about J K Rowling

November 11, 2019

It is indeed rare to know of someone who has not heard of the Harry Potter series and J K Rowling. Her fame seems to have reached out to the uttermost part of the earth and all and sundry. With such adulation, one may assume stardom being thrust upon her from the very beginning. But […]

In Love With Soccer

October 18, 2019

The year was 1979 and the soccer craze was gaining momentum among my school chums. I jumped on the bandwagon when my primary four classmates were drumming up interest for the impending FA Cup Finals being played between Arsenal and Manchester United. It was my initiation into the world of soccer — I chose Manchester […]

Lesson From The Shark and Its Bait

October 7, 2019

A researcher wanted to ascertain certain facts. So, he conducted an experiment where he put a shark into a huge tank. He followed this step by adding various species of fishes into the tank as its bait. The ferocious shark attacked the fishes without batting an eyelid and had a wholesome meal. The researcher then […]

Movie Review — Rambo: Last Blood

September 26, 2019

In 1982, I watched the first of the Rambo sequel as a 13- year-old schoolboy. About 40 years since he drew “First Blood”, John Rambo has cemented his status as one of the greatest action heroes. I am glad to have watched “Last Blood” in its premiere launch, a treat for every Stallone fans. The […]

Fun With General Knowledge Quiz — Vol 3

September 6, 2019

General knowledge has been defined with much sophistication by the experts in the field. Put simply, it is the information we collect gradually from various sources like TV, books, magazines etc, on different subjects (like what Jolly Good Times offers). This is in contrast to the detailed information on subjects studied formally. Besides making great […]

The Carpenter

August 7, 2019

Once there lived a carpenter, Jerry who had made a name for building the best houses in his town. His work was close to perfection which won him many accolades to the disdain of his competitors. One day Jerry decided to call it a day. He was reaching 55 years old and felt it was […]

Can You Sleep When The Wind Blows

July 29, 2019

Years ago, there was a farmer, Jack who owned a land along the coastal region of a village. He had difficulty finding workers as nobody wanted to work on a farm where the storms were prevalent. It was a well-known fact that the storms would wreak havoc – causing damage to the barns and livestock. […]

Travelling Solo

July 19, 2019

There are pros and cons to travelling solo. Travelling solo is oftentimes seen as the route to self-discovery as we tread off the beaten track. However, I have friends who find it inconceivable in travelling alone. “Our experiences ought to be shared. Imagine imbibing Chardonnay on the hilltop overlooking the splendour of the land while […]